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An Epic Sea Change For All

We’re on a mission to create an Epic Sea Change for All with our crew, the partners we love, our Sailors who leave transformed for the better, and communities, oceans and environments that are truly cared for.

Meet Our Sailor

Curious and in search of the authentic. Seeking out big-city vibes and small town experiences. Craving the best and latest. Where age is only a number, and living well is a priority. Fresh and adventurous, the mindset is always positive. Our Sailors are a selective bunch, who find cultural currency in discovering something different.

We are currently operating in a time where global health concerns are affecting the world in unforeseen ways, and creating an environment of uncertainty within our industry. 

-- Inaugural Season Sailings Update --

As a brand, Virgin has always been led by its customers. With that principle in mind, and based on feedback from our future Sailors, our team has made the difficult decision to postpone the Showcase Tour launch and 2020 inaugural sailing season for Scarlet Lady affecting voyages from March 26th through July 10th and July 19th to August 2nd.

We will still be sailing for Richard's Birthday Bash on July 15, 2020.
Our Maiden Voyage will be taking place on August 7, 2020. 

We want to make this change to your Sailor's plans as convenient and fair as possible, so we are offering a range of options from a full refund and a voyage credit to extra special bonuses if your Sailor books a future voyage. The choice is entirely theirs, as it should be

First Mates

What's a First Mate, You Ask?

Aboard a ship, a First Mate is the Captain's right hand and go to person – which is pretty much how we feel about our partners.

We've done a lot of research with travel advisors. We're not only bringing an Epic Sea Change to our Sailors ... but to our First Mates too.
Sound good? Carry on!  

Let's Change Business For Good

We wouldn't be Virgin if we weren't on a mission to change business for good.  When it comes to First Mates, that not only means showing you lots of love, but also giving you something unique and cool to sell, reimagining clunky policies, making sure we don't nickel & dime you or your clients and being open and transparent in everything we do.

Challenging the $tatus Quo

We heard you loud & clear and used your input to reinvent how you earn as a First Mates. This part's simple. We believe you should be paid for anything you sell and that nothing should be excluded. And that you should have unliimited ability to craft an epic experience for our sailors that rewards your expertise and creativity. What you put in, you get out. Cha-ching!

First Mates SEACIETY

Behind the Velvet Rope

Want to be in the know? Then you've gotta be in the SeaCiety. And for First Mates, that means unlocking access to our exclusive, private invitation only Facebook group. This is the place to learn about all things Virgin Voyages and to #RaiseYourSales. It’s a totally new way of learning and it’s unique to First Mates. Click here to join the SeaCity Facebook group.

UK & Ireland Contacts

Shane Riley - Associate Vice President of International Sales


020 8323 2708

SJ Walker – Sales Manager, United Kingdom


07810 821391

Gemma Smith – Sales Manager, United Kingdom






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