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The Spanish Tourist Office in London is the UK and Northern Ireland representative of the Instituto de Turismo de España (TURESPAÑA), which is the Administrative unit of the Central Government of Spain in charge of promoting Spain abroad as a tourism destination. In order to do so, Turespaña carry out marketing and promotional activities in cooperation with the Spanish regional and local authorities and the private sector.

In 2019 Spain reached a remarkable level within the global cruise tourism context, and for the first time in its history has welcomed over 10 million cruise ship passengers. This figure places Spain second in Europe for the number of cruise passengers, with several Spanish ports leading the European ranking and even listed among the world’s top 50 ports, as is the case of the ports of Barcelona, the Balearics and Canary Islands, Malaga, Valencia, Cadiz, Cartagena and Vigo.

For this reason, Turespaña and Puertos del Estado (Ports of Spain) work together to highlight the significance of cruise tourism through the 46 Spanish ports, which are managed by 28 Port Authorities. The importance of the ports and cruise tourism as a driving force for Spain’s economic activity cannot be denied. As well as contributing to the local economy of the harbour and surrounding area, cruise tourism also promotes other regions within the country, including inland tourism.


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