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One of the world's last working Royal Mail Ships, the RMS St Helena is a unique 155-berth passenger/cargo ship. The informal nature on board leads to a relaxed voyage, reminiscent of a bygone era of travel. Passengers are well looked after around the clock with two bars, full service dining room, a sun deck, shop, swimming pool, gymnasium and library to keep passengers entertained. The nostalgia found on board the Royal Mail Ship is a world away from the glitz of big cruise liners but informative talks, quizzes, film nights ensure the entertainment is perfectly balanced.

The RMS St Helena is one of last remaining ocean-going vessels in the world still to carry the venerable title of Royal Mail Ship, held in the past by so many famous British passenger liners, the Queen Elizabeth amongst them. She was built in 1989 specifically to supply the island of St Helena, is British registered, 6,767 gross tonnes and has 56 officers and crew. She also has modern facilities; stabilisers, air conditioning plus fax, email and satellite communications and Wi-fi has recently become available on board.

With St Helena's first airport due to be operational in early 2016, sail on board now and be a part of history.

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