About Footprints

FOOTPRINTS LUXURY CRUISES is a Belgium based tour operator offering only the very best ranked premium and luxury cruise lines, providing sea cruises, expedition cruises, sail & yachting cruises, river cruises.

Travel agents, and particularly specialist cruise travel agents, play a vital role in our business, on both linguistic markets in Belgium (Dutch and French speaking market). Throughout the past years we developed loyal coop with the travel agents. Even more powerful than the business itself, our coop with the travel agent has become an Art of Friendship.

Sales Contacts

Footprints Luxury Cruises
Platanenlaan 8
2610 Wilrijk


Operations: Chris Ganseman & Lynn Vleugels
Tel.: +32-(0)3-242 82 88 or +32-(0)3-242 82 80
Mail: cruises@footprints.be

Sales & Marketing: Jan Van Durme
Tel.:  +32-(0)490-49 80 10
Mail: jan@footprints.be