Fincantieri is one of the largest and most diversified shipbuilding groups in Europe. The company designs, builds and markets cruise ships, ferries, cruise ferries, high-speed ferries, surface combatants, auxiliary ships and submarines by exploiting the latest design and construction technologies to obtain high quality and performance. 

The company headquarters in Trieste leads a corporate structure that focuses on its business areas with the aim of keeping the company reactive and responsive to customer requirements. The organization, with a workforce of approximately 10,000, is based on three business units: the Cruise Ships Business Unit, with shipyards in Monfalcone (close to Trieste), Venice-Marghera and Genoa-Sestri; the Merchant Ships Business Unit, with shipyards in Ancona, Castellammare di Stabia (Naples) and Palermo; and
the Naval Vessels Business Unit, with shipyards in Muggiano (La Spezia) and Riva Trigoso (Genoa).

 With its ship design departments in Genoa and Trieste, Fincantieri is the largest in Europe with eight shipyards situated in different regions of Italy. Fincantieri is one of the most important, wide-ranging shipbuilding complexes in Europe and is able to meet all the requirements of those who work or travel on the sea.


Via Genova, 1 

Telephone: 39 040 319 3111 
Fax: 39 040 319 2305 

Website: www.fincantieri.it