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From the start, Aurora Expeditions was destined to be different. Our passion for adventure, exploring wild places and sharing the experience with friends burns just as brightly as it did 25 years ago, as does our preference for small-group, personal expeditions.

Each expedition is accompanied by an expedition team we believe are the world’s best. Remote area specialists, their onboard lectures entertain and expand your knowledge.

Whether you’re joining us for the first time or returning for another thrilling adventure, our original goals remain unchanged. Explore wild places that stir the soul, offer personal attention on unforgettable expeditions and welcome new friends into the Aurora family.

Why Travel with Aurora Expeditions?

Small groups are best.

We believe that small groups are best. Unlike larger vessels, our smaller ice-strengthened ships allow us the flexibility to land when the best opportunities present themselves. In turn our passengers can experience nature at its very best; maximizing time spent exploring and ashore.

Expert guides.

Our highly acclaimed expedition specialists are some of the best in the business. Many are the recognised world leaders in their fields, and they enthusiastically share their knowledge to ensure that each moment you spend with us is interesting and educational. Meet them here.

Flexibility and freedom.

We stop for breaching whales! Our itineraries are designed with flexibility in mind. If weather or sea ice block our way, we always have a Plan B, C and D! We're always on the look at for new places to explore and we're not afraid to adjust our schedule if we stumble upon an unexpected wildlife display.

Environmental sensitivity and enrichment.

We helped develop international environmental guidelines for the polar regions we visit, and consciously limit the number of people we take to our destinations. The more our remote area specialists share their knowledge about the natural environments we encounter, the more rewarding your experience.

Our spirit of adventure!

We were the pioneers of some previously unheard of activities such as polar diving, polar kayaking and camping on the ice in Antarctica. Photograph ice-tipped peaks in Patagonia, scuba dive or snorkel amidst glistening icebergs, sea kayak with whales or enjoy a feast of tundra berries. No matter where we are in the world, we encourage a true sense of exploration.

It's been more than 25 years since our co-founders, Greg & Margaret Mortimer, first started taking small groups of friends and keen travellers to Antarctica. Aboard small, ice-strengthened vessels, they took groups of intrepid explorers to places that few, if any, had been before, pioneering a long list of 'firsts along the way. 

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