AIDA Cruises is a German cruiseline based in Rostock, Germany. The company is one of the fastest growing and commercially most successful tourism businesses in Germany and it employs about 11,400 people from 40 countries on shore and on board AIDA ships. AIDA Cruises operates one of the world’s most state-of-the-art fleets, currently comprised of 12 cruise ships. Three new ships built at the Meyer shipyard in Papenburg (Germany) will join the fleet by 2023. With its “Green Cruising” concept, AIDA Cruises will be the first cruise company in the world that can power its new generation of ships both at sea and in port with LNG (liquid natural gas) from 2018. On an AIDA cruise, guests can discover the world in casual atmosphere and indulge in a boundless range of wellness options, sports courses, first class entertainment and culinary delights. The company offers all kinds of cruises from short trips to world cruises, from Northern Europe to South Africa and from the Caribbean to Southeast Asia, for individual travellers as well as for families. For more information go to www.aida.de


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